BlueFast® metric floating anchor nuts 2 lug

Self locking  1100 MPa 235 °C standard spacing

free of cadmium and chrome VI

All dimensions in millimeters.

PartnumberThread TThread tolA maxB maxC +-0.05E +-0.1FJ +-0.05H maxK minP minS maxFloat minWeight **Request
BFA FL2A M03050 *M3 x 0,54H6H23.210.6-8.52.517.003.2- g
BFA FL2A M04070M4 x 0,74H6H23. g
BFA FL2A M05080M5 x 0,84H6H25. g
BFA FL2A M06100M6 x 1,04H5H29. g
BFA FL2A M08100 *M8 x 1,04H5H33.215.58.413.03.326. g
BFA FL2A M08125M8 x 1,254H5H33.215.58.413.03.326. g
BFA FL2A M10125 *M10 x 1,254H5H41.017.310.416.03.332.009.91.611.51.00.759.5 g
BFA FL2A M10150M10 x 1,54H5H41.017.310.416.03.332.009.91.611.51.00.759.5 g

* special sizes on request

** approximate weight, indication only


alloy steel 25CD4 / C45


max. 44 HRC

Finish & Identification

Zinc-Nickel plating
with trivalent chromium treatment
+ MoS2 dry film lubricant
+ blue dot identification


Recommended tolerance for male thread is 4h6h.

(suitable for M AND MJ thread profile)

Locking & Performance

Locking by 2 crimp deformation;
Locking torque and performance according to LN65016

version: v211011002 – KL

made in Europe

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